Preparing for the summer hiking season:

Preparing for the summer hiking season:

Spring is upon us.  The weather is warming up and people are getting restless from the cold months.  Most people have put on a little weight over the winter, so before they head out into wild it will take a little bit of getting back into shape.

So here are some quick tips I use to get back into shape after a prolonged absence.

1. Never eat before noon, and eat enough protein.

A simple, effective solution to quickly lower your calorie intake.  It helps to keep you on track when you are on the run.  On the protein side, you want to get 1 gram for your goal bodyweight.  Everything else is less important, but you can get into the weeds if you want to.

2. You don’t have to do a lot from the beginning.

Really! The best is just to do a little bit, but do it every day.  You want of course to aim for at least 30 minutes of work every day.  Don’t push it, just do what you can. Consistency is king when you are trying to get back into gear.

3. Bodyweight is plenty for most.

People underestimate the power of the body moving through space.  You learn how your body works.  You can tell which parts are weak.  It helps you to grow into your strength.  Pull ups, push ups, squats.  Start there if you haven’t been doing much.

4. Drink lots of water.

Pretty simple really, yet most want different types of drinks like Gatorade.  Just drink half your bodyweight instead.

5. Don’t forget to throw on your pack.

You really want to get weight on your back.  You are headed out into the mountains, you have to put those pounds on your back to get used to.  I’ve met many people out on the trail who weren’t used to the weight.  They come down with injuries that forces them back home.

6. Have fun and drink a lot of coffee!

This is the most important part.  There isn’t no reason to be doing this if you aren’t having a good time.  Brew a cup of Bali Blue Highland and enjoy your time out there.