Want to see some crazy stuff!

Blue Ridge Mountains Fall

So basically, what you are going to be seeing is our adventures out playing in the mountains. 

We love being out here and think it is super important for people to disconnect from time to time. We spend all week working hard and making sure you all get the our best.  The only way to keep that up is to disconnect every weekend and go play hard.

Going to be uploads of videos (follow us on Youtube) and pictures and lots of all the cool stuff that we do.  Always tag us into on Instagram (@homesteadroast) and every month will pick a winner who does the most bad ass things out in the wild. We haven't got the any videos up but they will be coming.

Not only that, but as we build our own homestead (which we define differently than most) we will follow through with what we do for building a life that is not only resilient to the craziness out there but also to enjoy what we love to do.

Anyway for now, make sure you follow our socials as it is going to a wild ride.