I think I drank too much coffee....

I think I drank too much coffee....


You know the first time you do something, and you aren’t sure. 

You get that sinking feeling in your stomach.  The butterflies are racing, clammy palms and just a bit faint.


Well that is exactly what just happened for us.  We launched today! We wanted to start with a soft launch so we can work out some of the bugs.  The big one comes at the end of the month.  I was a little worried that no one would visit us.  Those first 15 minutes before the first person came on the site were a little nerve wracking.


But I shouldn’t have.  It was a good day.  We got lots of good traffic, made a few sales.  All in all, I’m happy.  I wanted to right this to let you all know the path forward.  As we grow, we are going to be offering lots of different options.  Different coffees, subscription services, coffee of the months, and lots of cool giveaways. 


If you were aware, we have one going on right now, click here : Win a free pound of coffee. 


We will also be adding more gear, coffee mugs, makers and the works. 

We just wanted to get off the ground floor first before jumping to far out there.  Anyway, thank you for making today an amazing day! I hope you take advantage of the discount First20.  We only have a few left before they are out.


Until next time, grab a cup of Asian Plateau and enjoy the rest of your day!