Bali Blue Highland Whole Bean River Shot
Bali Blue Highland Whole Bean
Bali Blue Highland Whole Bean

Bali Blue Highland Whole Bean

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Looking for inspiration for your day?  Look no further than Bali Blue Highland.  Grown in the volcanic loam of the ever beautiful Bali. Conquer both the sea and the mountains.  One sip of fresh brewed Bali Blue Highland takes you to this awe inspiring island. You get to test yourself against the jungle.  Conquer it and nothing can stop you.

Grown between 3900 and 5300 feet, Bali Blue Highland is sure to give you that perfect shot at destiny.  With its mix of molasses, brown sugar, and dark chocolate packed delicately into each cup, you can experience this medium blend beauty. Good mornings start here.  

Why choose us?

We love what we do

And we want you to go out and experience all that nature can throw at you.  Overcome it and have hundreds of stories to tell when you get back. 

High Quality, Premium Coffee

We take great pride in the coffee that we put into our roasters. We only want the best in our cup, would expect nothing less for you.